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Dr Nick Fisher is the founder of ValueMetrics Australia, an organisation that carries out research and consulting primarily in the area of Performance Measurement. After 30 years as a statistical consultant and researcher in CSIRO, he left his position as a Chief Research Scientist in May 2001. Whilst in CSIRO, he led the development of CSIRO's Organisational Performance Measurement (OPM®) system, which has been applied successfully in a number of private and public enterprises, and has been part of graduate programs at a number of institutions.

Nick carries out research and consulting in Performance Measurement, with particular focus on improving quantitative reports to Boards and top management, and the associated business improvement processes.

He holds honorary appointments as Visiting Professor of Statistics at the University of Sydney, and Visiting Professor of Quality Management at Macquarie University. He is also professionally accredited by the Statistical Society of Australia.

Full CV: PDF