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Directional Statistics – Resources

The download file contains the following material:
Errata for books
  ° Statistical Analysis of Spherical Data, by N.I. Fisher, T. Lewis & B.J.J. Embleton Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
1987. First edition SASD_errata.ps
1993. First paperback edition. SASD2_errata.ps
  ° Fisher, N.I.— Statistical Analysis of Circular Data. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1993. 
First edition SACD_errata.ps, errata_cox.ps
1995. First paperback edition. SACDpb_errata.ps, errata_cox.ps

Directional statistics software
  ° S-PLUS software for plotting circular data (Unix only)
  ° FORTRAN code for summarising and plotting spherical data

Download Directional statistics materials (.zip)