Meaningful metrics for better business

Specialists in performance measurements to improve all aspects of how enterprises go about their business.

ValueMetrics Australia is an R&D consultancy specialising in development and deployment of performance measurements to improve all aspects of how enterprises go about their business.

Such metrics can support:

  • better monthly Board reporting and exercise of Due Diligence
  • a logical basis for deciding what you need to improve and in what order to make the improvement
  • Strategic Planning that really works
  • improved safety performance
  • better company culture
  • increased alignment of what you are doing with what you are hoping to achieve.

Everything we do derives from a generic way of thinking about measurement issues.

This means that the approaches to tackling seemingly disparate problems such as the content of a monthly Board report, improving workplace safety, measuring research quality, or improving the efficiency and effectiveness of delivery of a Government program, are effectively the same.

Products & Services

ValueMetrics provides a distinctive set of research-based products and services for improving performance management, planning, culture and research quality:


Links and downloads for articles, papers, books, software packages and videos on the application of the Opal™ Performance Management System and the use of statistics and data in business and education.

Analytics for Leaders

A Performance Measurement System for Business Success

Inspirational! Dr. Fisher’s model is comprehensive, rational & easily justifiable. At last a performance measurement methodology which rests comfortably with scientists and engineers!
Dr Terry Moss, General Manager, Research, Testing and Development Department, Eskom

Analytics for Leaders provides a concise, readable account of a complete system of performance measurement for an enterprise. Based on over twenty years of research and development, the Opal™ Performance Measurement System: what it is, how you can implement it, and how it can help your business — large or small, public or private, academic or governmental.


Winner of the 2019 Deming Lecturer Award from the American Statistical Association

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Featured: Pandemic Information Plan Proposal

Nicholas Fisher and Dennis Trewin

A proposal to enhance Australia’s capability to manage epidemics — The critical importance of expert statistical input

Interactive Reporting

An interactive Web-based reporting tool — the Opal™ report Management System — that provides a way for you to set reasonable improvement targets and then explore strategies to discover how best these might be achieved.

About us

ValueMetrics Australia was founded by Dr Nick Fisher.

Nick carries out research and consulting in Performance Measurement, with a particular focus on improving quantitative reports to Boards and top management, and the associated business improvement processes.

Our business is helping you improve your business by understanding and delivering what people value.